Pipe Cleaner


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  • Zeer sterk concentreerd
  • Hoge evaporating beginnings factor
  • Op base van water
  • Ondergrond hoeft niet na te gewassen been

Pipe clenaer for professional painters.

Through research and because we are familiar with the market, we can manufacture a product that meets today’s high standards and, above all, meets the wishes and needs of professional painters. pipe cleaner, an environmentally friendly and biodegradable super degreaser without phosphates, was developed to remove most dirt from almost all surfaces.
Pipe cleaner contains degreasers that easily penetrate persistent layers of grease and dirt and dissolve them completely. This environmentally friendly super degreaser has all the good properties of ammonia, but it does not harm the environment, does not harm the respiratory system, does not bite the hands and does not smell offensive.
In short, this unique product does what it’s supposed to do. It is also very friendly to its users and the environment.
Instructions for use:
Universol is particularly suitable for degreasing surfaces and making them antistatic before painting. Because of the good properties of this product, there is no need
Washing after degreasing: You can paint immediately.